Local 3 (Mount Sinai)

Lets all Congratulate  Sherrye Webster-Phillips and Darryl Gubatan.

Sherrye Webster Phillips has been acclaimed as the Local 3 Vice President, Sherrye has decided to step down from her position with the National to focus on Local 3.

Darryl Gubatan has been acclaimed as the Local 3 Secretary.  We want to thank Karen Sherritt for her time and committment.

The following members represent Local 3 Executive Board (Mount Sinai):

President- Jamie Garcia
Vice-President- Sherrye Webster Phillips
Treasurer- Lesau Felix
Recorder- Darryl Gubatan
Trustee- Camelia Mercury
Trustee- Sabrina Ramsawack
Trustee- Steve Presley
Trustee- Marlene Santos