Joining a Union is easy. The NOWU website makes it even easier by providing multiple ways of signing up and getting more information.

How much are Union Dues?

NOWU’s base Union Dues are 1.4%, Union Stewards pay 1.0%, and Members +60 who are still working pay 1.0% Union Dues. Union Dues are also 100% tax deductible. At NOWU you don’t start paying Union Dues until you get a Collective Agreement.

How long will this take?

That depends entirely on you and your co-workers. The more people that get involved the quicker the process will take. The average campaign lasts between two weeks to one month.

What will my employer do?

By law your employer isn’t allowed to target you for starting or participating in a Union Campaign.

What happens after we win the vote?

Approximately 3 weeks after the vote is won, the official certificate will be awarded. NOWU can then begin the negotiation process with your employer in order to formalize a Collective Agreement (Contract).

What happens if we lose the vote?

This will depend on why the vote was lost. Sometimes due to interference an Unfair Labour Practice can be filed to challenge the vote. If a vote is legitimately lost the workers will have to wait one full calendar year before applying to any other Union.

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