Our Mission

Our mission is to be different than every other Union in Canada. To be more affordable and transparent to it’s members.
To act as a defensive shield to our members facing the many economic, social, and automated battles in our future.



NOWU isn’t like any other Union in Canada. We offer more tangible benefits to our members, alongside our incredible servicing model.

Union Dues

Less Expensive than a Cup of Coffee per day Our base Union Dues are 1.4%, cheaper than any other CLC & OFL affiliated Union. Dues are also 100% tax deductible

Member Cap

Our Union Reps Aren’t Overwhelmed Many Unions assign +2k members Representative. That’s a surefire method for poor service. NOWU caps each Union Rep to a managable 1000 members.

Union Stewards

Get Involved and Save Money Union Stewards do a difficult and thankless job, unless you’re a NOWU Steward. Our Stewards get reduced dues and pay 1.0%

Less Waste

Large Unions Waste Dues With a large union comes large offices, staff, expenses, & large amounts of their members money used to support it. NOWU grows proportionally to its member growth.

100% Canadian

All Of Your Dues Stay In Canada Many Unions belong to US Internationals, meaning a percentage of the members money goes south of the border. NOWU Union dues will always stay within Canada.

Members +60

Pay Less When Times Are Tough Working past the age of retirement is a must for many workers. NOWU members who are 60+ and still working pay 1.0% Union Dues.


Your Dues Don’t Go To Politicians Most Unions contribute a massive amount of their members dues to political parties without their consent. NOWU will never contribute money unless voted upon.

Created in 2009 to improve the lives of workers.

Our Values

  • Freedom
  • Transparency
  • Democracy
  • Affordability
  • Independence

Ready to Join?

Joining a Union is easy. The NOWU website makes it even easier by providing multiple ways of signing up and getting more information.