National Organized Workers Union was created in 2009 to improve the lives of workers in Healthcare, Transportation, Hospitality, and Retail sectors. NOWU is and always will be Independent (NON-CLC), and 100% Canadian.







Our mission is to be different than every other Union in Canada. To be more affordable and transparent to it's members.
To act as a defensive shield to our members facing the many economic, social, and automated battles in our future.


NOWU isn't like any other Union in Canada. We offer more tangible benefits to our members, alongside our incredible servicing model.

Union Dues

Less Expensive than a Cup of Coffee

Our base Union Dues are 1.4%, cheaper than any other CLC & OFL affiliated Union. Dues are also 100% tax deductible.

Union Stewards

Get Involved and Save Money

Union Stewards do a difficult and thankless job, unless you're a NOWU Steward. Our Stewards get reduced dues and pay 1.0%

Members +60

Pay Less When Times Are Tough

Working past the age of retirement is a must for many workers. NOWU members who are 60+ and still working pay 1.0% Union Dues.


Two Kinds of Scholarships

NOWU members have 2 different scholarship opportunities. A standard $1500 for post-secondary education, and a $1500 upgrade option for PSW's and Nurses.

Member Cap

Our Union Reps Aren't Overwhelmed

Many Unions assign +2000 members per Union Representative. That's a surefire method for poor service. NOWU caps each Union Rep to a managable number of 1000 members.

Less Waste

Large Unions Waste Dues

With a large union comes large offices, large staff, large expenses, and large amounts of their members money used to support it. NOWU grows proportionally to its member growth.

Malpractice Insurance

We Care For Those Who Give Care

If you are a Nurse, we have your malpractice insurance covered. You have enough to worry about while at work, we will take that burden off of your shoulders.


Your Dues Don't Go To Politicians

Most Unions contribute a massive amount of their members dues to political parties without their consent. NOWU will never contribute money unless voted upon.

100% Canadian

All Of Your Dues Stay In Canada

Many Unions belong to US Internationals, meaning a percentage of the members money goes south of the border. NOWU Union dues will always stay within Canada.


Please contact us if you have additional questions.

No. NOWU was founded in October of 2009 and has existed over the past 8 years servicing workers across Ontario.

No. Section 86 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act freezes your contract in place. HOOPP is a condition of employment, and has nothing to do with Union affiliation.

Absolutely not. The direction of the membership is within the members hands. It's ridiculous to assert that people are property and can be sold. We are independent meaning if you are unhappy (or believe you will be happier somewhere else) with NOWU in the future, you have the democratic ability to join any other Union. With a CLC affiliate, you only have the democratic ability to join a few Union's which are Non-CLC.

Article 4 of the CLC Constitution prevents members in a CLC Union (ex. SEIU, CUPE, Teamsters) from transfering to another CLC Union. It locks you into place with your existing Union. This is where the big unions treat you like property.

Our base Union Dues are just 1.4% per cent and are 100% tax deductible. If you are a NOWU Union Steward, or +60 and still working you pay just 1.0% per cent. No other Union in Canada has this unique dues structure.


Joining a Union is easy. The NOWU website makes it even easier by providing multiple ways of signing up and getting more information.

How much are Union Dues?

NOWU's base Union Dues are 1.4%, Union Stewards pay 1.0%, and Members +60 who are still working pay 1.0% Union Dues. Union Dues are also 100% tax deductible. At NOWU you don't start paying Union Dues until you get a Collective Agreement.

How long will this take?

That depends entirely on you and your co-workers. The more people that get involved the quicker the process will take. The average campaign lasts between two weeks to one month.

What will my employer do?

By law your employer isn't allowed to target you for starting or participating in a Union Campaign.

What happens after we win the vote?

Approximately 3 weeks after the vote is won, the official certificate will be awarded. NOWU can then begin the negotiation process with your employer in order to formalize a Collective Agreement (Contract).

What happens if we lose the vote?

This will depend on why the vote was lost. Sometimes due to interference an Unfair Labour Practice can be filed to challenge the vote. If a vote is legitimately lost the workers will have to wait one full calendar year before applying to any other Union.

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